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Bi7UMZfAs a recap of my last post: LUSH’s main competitors are The Body Shop and Origins. I also summarized the similarities between all three companies. In this post, I’ll go over how LUSH differs between its main competitors. 

First off, LUSH creates all it’s product by hand and puts stickers of the individual who created a specific product which builds a personal relationship between the brand and the customers:


Out of the two main competitors, LUSH stands out with unique and colorful products by creating the cosmetics in a nontraditional way, for example, LUSH has a solid shampoo bar while other cosmetics sell a liquid version.  This fun attitude travels to the quirky and bold advertisements leading into the stores. They also showcase their activism throughout some stores as well.

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The design of the product containers give the same message as Lush’s main value: organic and natural, nothing else. The only text on the containers is the title of the product and the ingredients with a black back drop; this minimalism conveys the message clearly. As you can see from the pictures above, LUSH’s retail format does not follow the traditional setup, but rather a delicatessen arrangement.

Customers have the ability to serve themselves if they wish. LUSH employees demonstrate their products in front of the customers, this also builds personal relationships between employee and customers. This allows the customers to view how to use the product, but to show the customers other ways to enjoy the product. Viewing a demonstration of a Bath Bomb is considered a fun experience which adds to the personal relationship. LUSH also has more variety of products than The Body Shop and Origins. LUSH’s prices are considered lower than its two competitors.

Lastly, LUSH is privately and independently owned company unlike its competitors who are a part of larger companies: L’Oréal and Estée Lauder.

You can find some advertising examples I found of The Body Shop and Origins on my Pinterest Board.

Here are some inspirations for business cars and letterheads as well as mood inspirations. Enjoy!


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