Design? – Everywhere!

Hello Lovely Viewers!

For this week we had to find design elements in random objects within our lives and this assignment was a little more difficult, but satisfying after completion.



After going around my house and have difficulty finding an object I was content for Color, I stumbled upon my backpack that I unceremoniously dropped in my house. This backpack has been

IMG_2833through numerous hiking, skiing, and studying days which has dulled the color since I bought it four years ago. Even with the amount of color and brightness lost, this backpack still dominates the attention of many individuals. The color scheme is complimentary to every color which allows the colors to be fluid and pleasant.

This wall art was a gift from my Gram (my grandmother), who has too much time on her hands. She is always telling me life is too short to stress about things that will not matter in ten years or even the next five years. I believe the phrases and the Typography in this wall art are well matched. The first phrase is “LIFE IS TOO SHORT” and the font is very straight typographyforeword, it gives the impression that this statement is a fact; however, “eat cupcakes” is a pretty, cursive font which is interpreted as lively, adventurous, and fun. Based on the Typography and the phrases, the message of this wall art is, “Life if too short, so have adventurous fun.”

My whole family, except my sister (who’s weird anyway), is a big fan of Star Wars. Yes, we loved Episode VII The Force Awakens. My dad is such a huge fan that we still has the VHS tapes (and yes, we still have a working VCR). Even though we are major fans of Star Wars, I chose this object because of the repetition of the VHS set layout and the object’s message is clear through the repetition and Rhythm. Starting at the very top of every VHS: the 20th Century logo, Star 20160202_224157.pngWars logo, title of the Episode and finally, the characters who are particularly important for the specific episode. The 20th Century logo is a must, but its not a part of the message. The Star Wars logo is  one of the most important parts of the message because it is stating the content, the title also gives a clear message (an insight to the movie),and last, but not least, the characters chosen to be on the VHS covers are extremely important to the Star Wars universe; they are the stepping stones. From this VHS set, I know the movie franchise, the episode, and who will be an important in this movie.

Actually, I do not remember how this OU keychain migrated to my key set, but this is a great example of Symbolism and MiOUnimalism. Almost everyone in the South knows what this image means, almost every college sport fan knows what this image symbolizes (the greatest university). The format is minimal: O and U. A large population know this image as the University of Oklahoma without the keychain explicitly stating what OU represents. There are only two colors in the keychain which are the university’s colors – this also supports a minimalist idea.

After this assignment, I realized design is almost every where, but I had difficulty because it is every where. I, and many other people, did not even realize how much advertising I have become blind to because it is a part of human life now. We constantly have advertising thrown in our faces – I enjoyed identifying design elements in everyday objects that surround me!


Until next time, My Lovely Viewers!

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