Babies Are Cute, So We Won’t Kill Them.

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This week we read chapter two of Designing for Emotion. This chapter focus on evolution and how our brains are wired to identify certain patterns in everything.

You are probably wondering about the title, well this was summarize from the chapter. There are some people who believe the reason babies are cute is a defense mechanism against adults, so we won’t kill them – it is a survival tool. Spool goes on to talk about how our brains are wired to identify patterns in our life, because way back when, identifying patterns were unconscious used to help humans survive.tumblr_n0nhtunN991ts9ffqo2_250 32b0f1cf03db151b3f261fc3bb1a53e0b6ad35eb6dafc1cb0976875e196588c0Look at how squishy they are!

I really enjoyed this read, and the topics Spool introduced were interesting. It was a short read, about eight pages of actual text. 

I agreed with the majority of what he wrote about, which means I did not disagree with anything really. I’m sure that is not this answer will get my any points. The topic I am unsure about how we are “accidental narcissists”. Which I was confused when he said we see faces in patterns in the organic world or in design. Is the face we see our individual face or just a random face? I cannot deny this topic, because the internet is full of pictures with the face of Jesus on grilled cheese sandwiches:


Or maybe how an objects is constructed gives the illusion that there is a face:faces-in-things-02

That’s it for now!

Sincerely, Lauren

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