Brainstorming Strategy!

Hello Lovely Viewers!

This will be a brainstorming post. Most of the ideas listed will not be complete, but rather basic concepts and ideas for LUSH.

What visual language will I use?

  • instances of using products incorrectly – visual instructions
  • recycling sign, but with recycled materials instead of arrows (not products – do not what to give the impression that we use old products over again)
  • visual for the meaning of lush (not tree – origins logo, not half circle – the body shop logo) –
  • ingredients – including picture of the organic materials used in product (may overcrowd)
  • continue minimalism theme – continue with black and white color scheme the products produce the majority of the color in the store (the focus is on the products)

Will the visuals be type or image driven?

  • image driven – lots of text (hand written text on stores with white paint, reprinted on containers and wax paper)
  • image driven has drawbacks – this takes away from the minimalism aspect on containers and store walls
  • images can be in store and/or online to describe, explain, and instruct proper use of product
  • the bold text used for the logo doesn’t give a ‘lush’ feeling – maybe a readable cursive type (competitors have serif type)
  • the only images found are rabbits (used in the fight animal testing ads) – continue using rabbits, maybe introduce other animals (monkeys, dogs, cats)

What do the type and images need to mean?

  • natural
  • minimal
  • organic
  • eco-friendly
  • fun
  • safe

What kind of connotations do they need to have?

  • honest: natural
  • loyal: safe and honest
  • trustworthy: natural and honest
  • healthy: eco-friendly, safe, green, and natural

If you have any ideas that I did not go over in my brainstorming list, please leave a comment. I would appreciate another mind!


See you later Lovely Viewers!

Sincerely, Lauren


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