Denial, Frustration and Anger

Hello Lovely Viewers,

This week we were allowed to pick a chapter from our Designing for Emotions textbook to review and share our thoughts.

I chose the chapter on Forgiveness.

Before reading this chapter, I thought this topic was interesting to begin with because in social media we see the dirty backlash against companies and organizations, but we do not really see the forgiveness part of the event. I think of how companies try to earn their target and broad audience’s forgiveness after a campaign blunder.

After reading the chapter, I realized my thought process was focused on Crisis Communication and not the digital space of a downed website. Although each are important to a company.

I have personally experienced a time where all I wanted to do was get on my preferred sight, Tumblr, and I could not for the website was down.tumblr_m1rkum8XXW1rqfhi2o1_500

At first my reaction was denial, thinking it was my internet connection, but it turned out Tumblr was having difficulty. My emotion then turned to agitation and then frustration at the inconvenience.The-Office-gifs-the-office-14948948-240-196

I just closed my laptop, and turned on my television and watched a movie instead.mean-girls-gif

I realized Tumblr was having difficulties, but that did not mean I was going to abandon the organization. However, this could be because of the rosy effect. My good experiences do outbalance the bad when it comes to Tumblr.

I enjoyed reading Designing for Emotion, it was an easy, but informational read.

See you later!

Sincerely, Lauren

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