Designing for Social Media

Hello Lovely Viewers,

I hope you enjoyed the article I shared from my last post, I thought it had great content and tips to design for social media.

This lesson we created social media assets: a Facebook cover, a Facebook post, a Twitter post, and an Instagram post. The tool we used to develop these designs was Canva. The site provides clear logos like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so you do not have to search for them on google images or their websites. They also provide pre-made text designs, grids, and layouts which made the process easier. Canva essentially did the hard part for us while we can simply put the materials together to create a wonderful design.

We also had to pick a company or an organization to be our “client”.  For this assignment, I chose to design for the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. I went through their events calendar and picked the Invertebrate Fossil Field Trip.


Here is my Facebook cover:

I did not want to put any text on the cover since all the information was going to be in the page below to explain and provide all the details to the event. However, when there was no text on the image, it looked naked and incomplete. I put basic ‘what’ information on the cover to soften the naked look.

This is my Facebook post:


I like this post and the Twitter post below. They are my favorite social media pieces of mine. However, now that I look at the Twitter post, I probably should have been more detailed about the text ‘FOSSIL’ it may look like an advertisement for the brand Fossil. Tip for next time!


This is my Instagram post:


I like my Instagram post, I picked this image because I wanted to create an in-the-moment feeling for the viewers who are seeing the post. This picture gives the viewer a sense of being there and this is the type of fossils they could find while on this archeological dig with their families.

I am satisfied with my social media designs. There comes a point where you just have to stop messing with them before you go crazy.

See you soon!

Sincerely, Lauren


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