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Hello Lovely Viewers,

So this week taught me that I loathe Photoshop.

These last two lessons had us develop two stakeholders which led to creating two, separate direct mailers for each stakeholder. My first stakeholder are recently enrolled students, who would attend Camp Crimson before the school year begins. My second stakeholder are alums who are either parents of recently graduated high school students (who are choosing a college) or relatives.

My first stakeholder influenced my second because usually parents or close relatives have influence over the first’s decisions. This method is similar to how children take on their parents religion and/or political views; this instance should have little difference.

For example, both my parents graduated from UCO, but my uncle, my aunt, and all of my cousins have graduated or are attending OU. Even though my parents did not go to OU, I was influenced by my close relatives.

So this is for the first Stakeholder:



This mailer is directed toward young adults, younger individuals are depicted, the mailer is full of color, and its highly energetic.

And this is for the second Stakeholder:



For the second mailer, its toward older alumni and I chose this image because it creates togetherness and unity between the old and young. They are creating tradition in a way, by showing OU as number one during football games. This is also to encourage alumni to donate to ‘create tradition’ by helping the incoming students.

The similarities with Photoshop and InDesign is that they are both Adobe…. the differences between them are everything else.

Photoshop is more complex than InDesign, and the creator should have read Spool’s Chapter 1 and 2 over simplicity and contrast.

That’s all!


Sincerely, Lauren

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