Filming is not my forte, but I loved it anyway!

Hello Lovely Viewers,


This post is late, so I apologize. Yikes.

So this is the final, finished product of PR Publications! My “silent movie” summarizes my journey throughout Pubs.

This took a long time, I first had to find an app I could make it on my phone and it ended up having to use two different apps: TimeMovie and WeVideo. I used Timevideo to capture the scenes and then used WeVideo to put them together.

Getting this app on this website was time-consuming! I tried to email the video, but the file size was too large. I finally was successful in uploading the video to Google Drive, but that process took almost 2 hours… and then I had to wait for it to download on WordPress. The process was long, long, long process.

I hope you enjoyed this journey with me, now it’s off to the next one!

Sincerely, Lauren

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