Finished Product: Letterhead & Business Card

Hello Lovely Viewers!

So this week, we were asked to polish our letterheads and business cards from last lesson and keep swimming. Which turned out to be more challenging than creating our products, for me at least.

Unfortunately, I did not save my business card properly which means I had to recreate the entire piece.

This is me realizing I had not saved my business card correctly:


So other than that, the process went smoothly. I actually do not like the finished product of the business card. I played around with typefaces for the text information, but nothing really seemed to fit. I played around with the letterhead, I put a white logo on the black border and called it good. I prefer the white logo on the black border over the logo below the border.



I feel the reason I do not like the final products is because I was not feeling that drive this lesson. Looking back now, I wished I had gone a different direction with the design. I had mentioned in my Brainstorming post that I believed the current LUSH logo does not give me a ‘lush’, natural mood. So, I wish I had created a new design for the company. I wish I had used ideas from my Inspiration Board from Pinterest.

I have no long term goals for this design – I want to toss it out and start fresh. I would not consider pitching this material to LUSH, it’s similar to their current theme and usually when companies are looking for a new design, they are looking for something that resembles the old design, but brings new elements into the brand/product.

After Lesson 2.1-2.3, I feel quite confident working in InDesign. However, I still need more experience and play time with Photoshop.

For future students, I would suggest going with a new design, taking a company’s current design is too easy. Challenge yourself and create a new design.


Until next time!

Sincerely, Lauren

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