Hello, Its Me!

Hello Lovely Viewers!


So here comes the introduction: My name is Lauren LeGrande, I am a 20-somthing, young woman who still loves to watch all of the Disney movies, very proficient at movie quotes, and stumbled into PR by accident.

I am a junior at the University of Oklahoma and, currently, taking PR Publications. I have an eye for detail and I enjoy organizing events. Currently, I am interning at Waddell Pointer & Associates; this firm covers marketing, advertising, and public relations. I have been with them for nine months: I was involved with Integris’ Annual Leadership Gatherings, and Integris’ ERP event. It was an experience that lead me to the idea of event planning as a career. I will also play a part in two events for First National Bank in March! I am looking forward to the new experiences I will learn!

I have a somewhat big family: Dad, Mom, me, two younger brothers and one younger sister! I live with three cats: Cookie, Benny, and Pippin. I grew up in a small town about 25 minutes east of Edmond called Luther, Oklahoma. Since then I have lived in Yukon, Oklahoma City, Piedmont, Edmond, and, currently,  Norman. I can say a majority of the lines in the Lord of the Ring movies, and can say, without shame and embarrassment, that I can read all of the Twilight books within one week. Which leads me to my family, who are residing in Issaquah, Washington. My family is somewhat crazy, but I love them anyway.


I believe in what’s right, and doing the right thing. I believe in justice and justice delivered to those who have wronged other individuals. But there are many different ways this question could go, so I’ll take a generic approach. I believe people should do want makes them happy and enjoy life. I also believe that life should not only be about waiting for the next set of bills to pay.

I do what any college student does: I stress about the outrageous price on books, tuition, and classes. I am a full-time student with a part-time job/internship with Waddell Pointer & Associates. I consume an unhealthy amount of ramen and coffee (my blood is probably black with the amount of black coffee I drink). I procrastinate on a medium level, though I make lists every week. 

On a more personal note, I enjoy reading and writing fiction, and watercolor painting. I am a sucker for the Lord of the Rings (movies and books). I am starting a piano class without any instrument experience, so piano is going to be an adventure all by itself. I love to ski, especially moguls! My family and I enjoy hiking the Northwest coast, we once hiked 12 miles in a day and this view was our reward:


What guides me? My GPS. Just kidding, maybe. I believe that my beliefs guide me. The desire to do better than what I initially believed I could is always a confident booster. Performing better on an assignment or anything in life is almost always a marvelous feeling.

I see design in my future especially in the near future since I am taking this course! Design and detail is a part of many jobs, but its a part of how people live their lives today. PR and event planning requires high knowledge of detail and design and I look forward to learning how to improve my almost nonexistent skills in design.

This blog will be the showcase of my Public Relations career including: steps in my PR Publications assignments and a multitude of emotions ranging from “calm and collected” to “I’m dropping out of school!”

Let’s get this journey started!


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