Let’s Be Adults About This

Hello Lovely Viewers!

I plan to continue posting on my blog; I have become quite attached to my blog and posting my assignments has become somewhat of a routine that has grown on me.


After cleaning it up and polishing the about page, and making this space mine instead of a basic template for WordPress by establishing an “About” and “Contact Me” pages, and then customizing my own theme for the blog. I plan to use this space as my portfolio for class projects and I will utilize this in internship and job interviews.


After looking through the mediums for the Summary of Learning project, I think a Silent Film would be a great way to summarize my journey through PR Pubs.


However, the Silent Film Studio is not an app for an Android, so I found OldTimeMovie app to complete this project. What tools will you need? The material I will need for this project: lots of coffee, fully charged phone, chocolate, Gaylord Convergence Lab, sticky notes, and sharpies. I plan to showcase my average day/week for PR Pubs’ assignments, and summarizing the weekly assignments!

See you soon!6c0tIjrESMqPXsz0MR2U_Blue Bird

Sincerely, Lauren


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