Letterheads and Letters?

Hello Lovely Viewers!

In PR Pubs this lesson, we dipped our toes in letterhead designing and writing letters to see what text will look like on our letterheads. We were also asked to comment on our fellow classmates’ business card drafts as well as their blogs.

Surprisingly, the letter head design was a little more difficult for me than the business card. The actual creation of the letterhead only took ten minutes, but the ideas of designing took me the longest time. Then the actually writing of an example letter was ridiculously hard or I made it more difficult than it was supposed to be.

So this is my letterhead and letter:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.07.12 AM

Since LUSH was founded in 1995, I thought that it would be a good idea to go with an anniversary topic. So tada! I know there is no such thing as June 31st, but I did not want to give an actual date because this will be out in the open on the internet and I did not want to confuse LUSH employees and customers.

I went with the simple format, and followed the theme of black and white. I also included LUSH’s against animal testing logo in the bottom right corner. I thought I could incorporate another bath bomb into the letterhead, but I came up with complication: pictures too blurry, and I did not like the pop of color (which is strange for me). In all honesty, I do not like my final product. I wanted to find a .png image for a white LUSH logo so I could put it in the black header; however, I could not, so I settled with a black logo in the meantime. Frustration: 72071-Louis-CK-frustration-reaction-iLM2

Commenting on my fellow classmates’ work was actually fun, and I looked forward to constructive criticism from them as well! This allows me and my fellow classmates to bounce ideas and design processes off of each other, it gets our creative juices start flowing!

I also played around in Canva, which was fun. It does limit your creative design since the fun gifs, images, etc. had to be purchased; so this limits creative flow. However, I would use Canva to create infographics fairly fast for other courses.

So until next time!

im-done-goodbye-gifSincerely, Lauren

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