Looking Back Now

Hello Lovely Viewers,

Going through my posts, I was extremely optimistic about this semester and I can remember thinking, “I am going to be on top of this school year!”


But, personally, I think this semester and life decided not to agree with that thought process and threw me some curve balls. I can tell where I got down in the dumps during the direct mailer assignment (oops, alliteration). My mood showed through my work, so I learned I cannot let my emotions rule over my projects.


One of the things I realizes I did not do in a majority of my pieces was not including the logo for the company, and that is a big deal for companies.


There is evidence in my social media material for the Sam Noble Museum. However, that assignment was one of my favorites after wrestling with Canva.

There is one main project I wished I put a little more effort into creating my material: the business cards and letterheads. For the LUSH business cards and letterheads, I wish I had gone a different route by creating lush-looking material like I had done in my brainstorming instead of following the current LUSH design.


My experience using Canva, InDesign and Photoshop is life-changing, and I will continue to grow in my app skills. I have learned to take chances because I might regret not taking them after finishing a project. I have learned to put aside emotional dumps, so those dumps show through my work. Posting on this blog was fun and kept me on a schedule that I actually enjoyed.

I do not think I made mistakes per say, but I did learn what I could do more for my projects.


Sincerely, Lauren

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