MailChimp Might Be A Stalker…

Hello Lovely Viewers!

Chapter 4 of Designing for Emotion was about how to positively engage the audience through surprise and anticipation.

I agree Photojojo did really well with their interactive web design – their design uses surprise in a way that encourages the user to use the site more and learn more about the brand/company. I also thought Twitter did a phenomenal job with the element of anticipation, then slowly introducing it over a period of time. Letting known identities test the ‘New Twitter’ out to endorse the redesign, then influencing other user to have a positive outlook on the redesign.

The one thing I did not like/agree with was the MailChimp using personal endearments like the haircut comment. If I had gotten a hair cut then received the comment, I would have been uncomfortable. Thinking that my built-in-camera was on and they were using it to record the interaction and me was quite off-putting.

tumblr_m4u4mjzCaf1qcj8mqo1_1280However, Spool stated the personal comments were random, but the user did not know the randomizing comments. Though he did state that not everyone would like that level of engagement, so I suppose I am one of the few users who had a backlash against the MailChimp’s compliments.

That is all for this week!

Sincerely, Lauren

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