Newsletter vs. Newspaper

Hello Lovely Viewer!

This week we greeted our old friend InDesign, and tackled a dummy layout for our Newsletters. This assignment was fun, personally, but I did not think this week was much of a challenge. Which was nice, after being frustrated with last week’s assignment. Working in an app that I know how to use, is a bit of an ego booster.

We were also told to pick a company through Fortune 500, so I picked….. DISNEY!


I do not think it is a surprise I picked Disney. When I saw they were one of the selections, I immediately knew I wanted to use their material and create a Disney newsletter.


I have over 20 Disney VCR tapes in my closet, and I usually have to drag a friend or relative to go see the newest Disney/Pixar movie.


I thoroughly enjoy watching movies and I love Disney, they are progressing everyday creating positive female and male roles with each new movie they produce. I am very excited about this assignment!


Here are my dummy layouts: (I used ‘Princess and the Frog’ for all the gifs, whoops!)

Dummy Newsletter

Dummy Newsletter2Dummy Newsletter3The only concern I have is I think my newsletter looks like a newspaper. So, I am going to traverse the Internet for good examples and ideas. Wish me luck.

Sincerely, Lauren LeGrande


  1. Your dummy newsletter is definitely a lot neater than mine was so props to you. It is all laid out very well and spaced evenly which is something I am struggling with even in my final draft. The only thing I could say, and I’m sure you’re going to do this in the final draft, but there isn’t a lot of color. When you think Disney you think magic, excitement, and color. Thats not really reflected here. I am so excited to see your final draft and see what you end up doing!

    1. Thank you for commenting, I really appreciate your input. You’re right about the color, since it was a dummy layout I thought I would just establish the bones of the newsletter instead of going all out. I was still drawing out the cover and the rest of the pages to see what ideas I could actually do in InDesign. Thank you again for commenting!

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