Personality: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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This lesson we read about designing a website’s interface to establish a personalty for the company, organization, and/or brand. Designing a personality for an interface can create relationships between you and your target audience along with other audiences.

new-girl-jess-zooey-big-personalityI believe chapter one and three are linked in topics. Chapter one talked about designing for reliability and uncomplicated interfaces to create positive outlooks on the company/organization/brand where chapter three talks about the fluff of the interface, the personality of the easy and usable website.



I agreed with a majority of the text, but I did find one point I did not agree with creating a personality only for the target audience. Maybe I misread, but the interface should be designed with a personality that is attractive to a broad audience, not just the target audience. If the personality is attractive to a broad audience, then there is a higher chance where the brand will receive more interactions and create more positive relationships.

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