Pick an organization and sell your soul!

Hello Lovely Viewers,

For this week, we needed to pick out an organization that holds high interest for us as individuals, so we can create a business card and a letterhead for said organization.

So the organization I chose – DRUM ROLL PLEASE



LUSH is an organic, cosmetic retail store that uses fresh fruits, vegetation, and other materials to create it’s products. The ingredients LUSH buys for their products come from companies who do not conduct or commission animal testing for their products. LUSH is a UK founded company, but has expanded to nearly 210 stores in the United States.

LUSH is primarily known for its Bath Bombs, however, they have many other handmade products including soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, masks, cosmetics for the face, hair, and body using vegetarian recipes.

Their competition would be considered low since they are an eco-friendly company who use natural, 100 percent vegetarian materials, fight animal testing, give charities, and also have a political stance.

However, LUSH has two main competitors: Origins and The Body Shop. Both of these companies are supported by bigger companies, who have international name recognition, which persuades users to use the family products instead of other organic products. The Body Shop is a part of the L’Oréal family and Origins is a part of Estée Lauder.

originsthe-body-shop-logoIn fact, the founders of LUSH, Mark Constantine and Liz Weir, supplied and created products for The Body Shop for over a decade until they bought their product formulas. However, The Body Shop’s purchase forbade Constantine and Weir from opening another retail shop for five years.

Both competitors also show support against animal testing and use natural and organic materials like LUSH.

LUSH shows a prominent attitude for creating handmade, organic, eco-friendly, cosmetic products; this is supported by the activeness against animal testing, decreasing carbon footprints, using recyclables for packaging, and charities supporting humanitarian, environmental, and animal right issues. LUSH’s core values are honest in their products and in within the company itself.

I look forward to creating new designs for LUSH!


Until the next post, Lovely Viewers!

Sincerely, Lauren



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