Reflection Time!

Hello Lovely Viewers!

I enjoyed this week’s lesson, the assignments reminded me of Introduction to Advertising where we created a SWOT Analysis and dived into research to prepare for our big Campaign Pitch!

These assignments were text heavy since we researched our companies and their competitors, but I learned a large amount of information about LUSH; and how I can find inspiration anywhere.

The lesson this week was loaded with assignments: four blog posts, three Pinterest Boards, researching company and competitors, and finally, drafting a business card!

At first, I was doubtful of the Pinterest Boards because I did not think pinning would be considered a professional way to find inspiration, however, pinning can be a great way to find fresh and lush (haha) ideas. Researching did not sound appealing, but investigating LUSH and its competitors became enjoyable. The business card was easy, I followed LUSH’s current theme within the design of the card.


The card layout is a rough draft, I will have to go in to smooth the edges of the Bath Bomb and the LUSH logo as well. On the back, I stated the United States and the UK website addresses along with a customer care phone number. I am satisfied with the business card draft.

I was discouraged a little half way through the lesson because it was text heavy in the blog posts. To get out of the hole I dug myself, I scoured Google for fun gifs (mainly Parks and Recreation gifs) I could include in my blog posts (they will be at the end).

I suppose in my mind, I view blog posts to be shorter than 300 words and formatted with gifs to break up the text so the reader will not become bored.

That’s all for now, enjoy the gifs!

aprilandy donna giphy tumblr_o10f3rI5mV1tt3gfto1_1280

Sincerely, Lauren


  1. Hey Lauren hey!

    I love that you decided to do LUSH cosmetics as your brand! I really like the card and the picture of the bath bomb. I think where you put in the text filler, you could talk about the brand.

  2. Hey Lauren!

    Your business card is incredible, very well done especially for a first draft! The only thing I would say is I think the information you said you put on the back of the card should be put on the front. When someone is looking at a business card that is the kind of information they want, and as silly as it sounds they may not think of flipping the card over. That is the only thing I could say though, everything else looks great! (Also I love the Parks and Rec gifs.)

    1. Hey Maddie,

      Thank you so much! When I saw it was only supposed to be a first draft, I decided I wouldn’t put any valuable text on the front because I thought I would have to change the information later such as name, phone, email, etc. and on the back I decided I would put general LUSH information like the actual website and the customer care phone number. However, when I saw that other classmates had put their own information on the front of their business cards, I figured I bit the bullet on that one. So I will explain my reasoning better in my blog posts! Thank you for commenting, I really appreciate it! (I love Parks and Rec) – Lauren

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