Well, That Took Longer Than Expected

Hello Lovely Viewers,

There are only two more weeks of PR Pubs, and to be honest I am not looking forward to the end of the class.

Last week, I posted my dummy layout (the bare bones) and now here is the finished product:

FINAL Disney Newsletter

FINAL Disney Newsletter2

FINAL Disney Newsletter3

FINAL Disney Newsletter4

I could not decide on on the color, so I chose the ‘Oh My Disney’ website color scheme. The articles I chose were aimed toward parents rather than young adults like myself. Usually people my age do not have the money to take trips across state and spend all that money it costs to enjoy Disneyland or Disney World. I chose articles that parents¬†think might interest their children as well as the parents.

The hardest part about this assignment was getting the lines clean and straight. I really enjoyed this assignment, and I learned about what is coming from Disney in the future!

I would advise NOT to even think about procrastinating on this assignment!


See you soon!

Sincerely, Lauren



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